Tonkotsu ramen

    • $ 13.95

This is one of the most popular ramen dishes in Japan. With each bite, you taste the pork based broth as the tonkotsu melts in your mouth, releasing a rich flavor.

Shoyu ramen

    • $ 13.95

This is a light flavored ramen, especially recommended for a beginner. You can enjoy the vegetables and chashu in the lighter shoyu (soy sauce) flavored soup with pork and chicken broth.


    • $ 15.95

If you like spicy food, but light flavor and you're a far of seafood then this ramen is perfect for you, one bite will give you taste of the sea with a smoky touch of the pan fired vegetables

Miso ramen

    • $ 14.95

This is one of the most famous ramen dishes in the Kanto area. You can enjoy the miso flavor of the pork broth. Miso ramen has a stronger taste which brings out the flavor of the chashu (simmered/braised) pork.

Vegetable creamy ramen

    • $ 13.95
    • $ 13.95
      Spicy Miso
    • $ 13.95

This ramen dish consists of pan-fried vegetables in your choice of miso, spicy miso or shoyu (soy sauce flavored) sauce.

Tan pa men

    • $ 13.95

This is a unique noodle dish with a spicy miso beef with vegetbles soup base and a hint of peanut sauce.

Sapporo miso ramen

    • $ 14.95

This ramen dish originated in Sapporo, Hokkaido and is a rich miso based soup. The Northern style rich miso brings out the crisp juiciness of the pan fried vegetables that are added to the  pork and chicken broth.

Orochyon Ramen

    • $ 14.95

This is one of the famous ramen dishes of Shinjuku in japan. You can enjoy the spicy soy sauce flavour of the pork and chicken broth.